Intel’s 5G Connected AI Powered Xeon

Source: Slashdot Intel’s 5G Connected AI Powered Xeon

Intel 5G Is Dead; Long Live Intel 5G Modems

Intel may have sold off it’s 5G development to Apple but that does not mean they are out of the 5G business as they have just announced the Ethernet 700 series, 5G-optimized NICs to be installed in desktops and servers as well as the Diamond Mesa eASIC line, a 5G structured ASIC for use in a variety of hardware. 

In addition to network hardware, Intel also announced the second generation of their Xeon Scalable processors which they claim will offer 36% better performance at deep learning and similar tasks compared to the first generation, not to mention the reduction in cost boosting the performance per dollar.  The N-SKUs of these Xeon’s are optimized for network usage and will be popular with telcos and ISPs and there is also the Atom P5900, an SoC specifically designed for use base stations and radio access networks.

For a closer look at the new Xeons you can hit ServeTheHome.

Intel's sale of its consumer 5G modem unit signaled its exit from the smartphone business last year, but the company remains heavily committed to participating in the growing 5G marketplace -- primarily on the carrier and enterprise sides. Today, the company announced three chips built for various types of 5G computers, plus a 5G-optimized network adapter for PCs.

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