Meet Archetype Entertainment Who Are Working On A New Sci-Fi RPG

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN Meet Archetype Entertainment Who Are Working On A New Sci-Fi RPG

Contains BioWare and Wizards Of The Coast

Archetype Entertainment’s debut Sci-Fi RPG is being lead by James Ohlen who was involved on Dragon Age:Origins, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic along with Chad Robertson who was the head of live services on Anthem, and BioWare Austin’s studio director.  That is pretty impressive pedigree and might actually be able to deliver on their promise to provide “story-driven roleplaying games that put the player at the center of an epic personal narrative with impactful choices.” 

There is very little information about what they will be revealing nor any sort of timetable, but as Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN points out the last game to promise that was Mass Effect 3 so the bar is currently set rather low.  Let’s hope they surpass it and bring back the old BioWare style for another go.



We now know a teensy bit more about Archetype Entertainment’s debut project, which will be set in an “all-new science fiction universe that will send players on a story-driven epic where choices they make will have real consequences on how their story unfolds”.

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