My Atomic Heart Is Full Of Robot Bees!

Source: Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN My Atomic Heart Is Full Of Robot Bees!

Not The Bees!  A Sneak Peak At Mundfish’s New Game

There is no launch date for Atomic Heart yet, but it could happen this year as Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN have posted a gameplay video which looks like it comes from a mostly completed game.  This particular video shows off a rather nasty trick the game will pull on you, angry robotic repair bees.  If you get too close they will sting you, but that is the least of it!  Apparently there are hives which will release a set number of the bees if you get too close and those bees will roam around looking to repair any robotic enemies you have already dealt with, reassembling them so they can take another shot at you.

There are a number of different ways to deal with the bugs as well as some interesting mediums to travel in which are demonstrated in the video.

Then there’s those bee drones we heard about yesterday as well. In the trailer below you can see one fixing up its frog-like friend. Later on it takes a whack at the player itself with the propeller blades around its head.

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  1. anonymous

    looks very interesting. last couple of months i’ve been avoiding MP games, very tired of online shooters and want to get back to enjoying stories and immersion and not just getting off of adrenaline rushes that MP would give. i love the atmosphere and story telling of bioshock, prey, etc have, this feels like more of it, but ramped up a bit.


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