Upgrading Ain’t Easy, Stick With An RX 580 Or Buy An RX 5600 XT

Source: The FPS Review Upgrading Ain’t Easy, Stick With An RX 580 Or Buy An RX 5600 XT

The GPU Market Has Gone Strange

The RX 580 was released three years ago at an MSRP of $199, the RX 5600 XT (new BIOS or not) is supposed to be $279 and thankfully remains about that price at most suppliers.  That is a big price delta, enough of one you might assume it has to be a much better card but unfortunately the GPU market has changed so much that you can’t really make a judgment based solely on price.  There is no question that the Navi card is able to support a lot more new features than than Polaris but what about raw performance? 

The FPS investigated and they have some very good news for those thinking about an upgrade!

Is the new Radeon RX 5600 XT a good upgrade path from AMD’s three-year-old Radeon RX 580 Polaris video card? That is the question we are going to answer today.

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  1. willmore

    Sticking with my RX580 8GB and very happy. I only game at 2560×1080 and most of my games are older, so I don’t come close to stressing my GPU.

  2. Jeff Goldman

    The real question is whether an RX-590 @ $189 is good enough if you’re 1080P gaming vs. an RX-5600XT @ $279. That is the real question that needs to be answered today (or if you already have an RX-590 is it worth an upgrade?) . By using a slightly crippled RX-580 you didn’t really answer either question that needed to be answered.

    • marees

      This is what the reviewer had to say:

      Sorry man. That’s all I had that I could scavenge from my kids’ computer on short notice

      • BonKers

        Yeah… the ‘we’d love to test out an rx590, but all we have is a 4gb rx580 that’s damaged from prolonged crypto-mining’

        seriously? the card can’t even run on it’s factory overclock, it’s a 4gb model too…

    • Yeetzah

      The RX 580 is the more popular card, and the RX 590 is an overclocked RX 580 which is an overclocked RX 570 with more vram

      • Alex

        Not really.

        The RX 590 is based on GLOFO’s 12 nm technology, meanwhile the RX 580 is based on the GLOFO’s 14 nm technology and those chips are better quality and have more compute untis, than the RX 570 and better clockspeeds with lower voltage (You can test it, if you don’t beleieve me) and also there are soe more better chips – for example Sapphire PULSE vs. Nitro+. 😉

    • Colby

      I seriously appreciated this as someone with a 4gb 580. No one has actually made a serious comparison until now, so it’s really nice to get a solid answer. Plenty of people have compared the 5600xt to a 590.

  3. aCIDsNOW

    Upgraded my R9 290X to an RX 5700 XT @ 1080p and I’m loving the 200% up-scaling in all the games that support it!

    • ditto

      I did a similar thing… went from my old R9 290x to my new rx590 & loving it. I’m only gaming at 1080 & not stressing the card at all.

  4. Michael

    My 4gb rx480 was starting to show it’s age in certain titles. I opted for a rx5600xt for $300 and so far am pleased. Frames went up a bit, but the biggest difference is the lower fan noise of the 3-fan gigabyte gaming PC. I use a kill-a-watt meter and saw idle system power drop from 120w to 85w, and in a game where standing in one place with the world fully loaded used 285w on my 480, the same conditions used 2215-220 on the 5600xt. Between selling my old card and the lowered electric bill, I can probably expect the card to pay for itself in 4 years compared to what it would’ve cost to keep the 480 in service for that time, and note have the option to have at 1440 if I get a new monitor, and I haven’t/will not be upgrading the bios to the higher clocks until I need the performance. I’m happy with the card at original factory settings from gigabyte.

  5. senthil kumar

    An used GTX 1070 is a better bet than either of these. I bought one for $150,. I used to have a GTX 650Ti, then shifted to GTX 1060 3GB, now am using GTX 1070. I believe we can just sit this generation of GPUs out.
    Lets see how well the upcoming Navi and RTX 3K series are gonna perform, then upgrade.


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