Looks Like Those DRAM Prices Are Headed Up Again

Source: The Register Looks Like Those DRAM Prices Are Headed Up Again

Get Yer Chips Now, DDR Prices May Be Headed Back Up

Memory prices have been on quite a roller coaster ride over the past few years, more so than is usual even for this volatile product and it sounds like now is the time to buy.   We saw the market peak at it’s highest in 2018, with the price of memory for computers, SSDs, phones and other devices hitting record highs, much to the dismay of those looking at upgrading their machines.  This spike lead to a huge glut of chips which no one was buying, which meant that prices have declined significantly.  The Semiconductor Industry Association which monitors the industry has seen prices of DRAM down 37.1%, and flash down 25.9% when compared to historical prices.

This may be coming to an end thanks to increased demand for data centres and 5G devices of all flavours, much to the relief of memory manufacturers.  SK Hynix and Micron saw around a 33% decline in revenues from memory sales and The Register reports that Samsung was hit even harder.  Increasing prices are good for those companies but for anyone thinking about grabbing an SSD or DDDR4 should do it soon as the prices we have come to love may not last for too much longer.

“The global market rebounded somewhat during the second half of 2019, increasing slightly from Q3 to Q4, and modest annual growth is projected for 2020," said John Neuffer, president and chief exec of SIA.

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