The Irreparable New Motorola Razr?

Source: The Register The Irreparable New Motorola Razr?

Much Disassembly Required According To iFixit

If you are tempted by the return of the Motorola Razr in foldable format, you had better be very careful with it as it is rather difficult to fix, so much so iFixit gave it a 1 out of 10.  Something as seemingly simple as replacing the battery requires you completely disassemble the phone to be able to get at it, a task made harder by the fact the cover is glued on.  There are other even worse issues, the charging port is part of the motherboard so you will need to be very good with a soldering iron to even try to replace it, assuming you can even get the part.

The pholdable fone itself comes in a rather form nifty but will require some extra care unless you don’t mind forking over $1500 for a replacement.  The Register and iFixit are not the only ones disappointed by the new Razr, The Verge and others have struggled to find things they liked about it.

Compounding woes are the outer covers, which are glued stubbornly to the phone. Removing that requires you melt the adhesive with a specialist tool – like the iOpener, or a hair dryer if you're cheap.

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