Three Score And 4 Cores, Ergo The Threadripper 3990X

Source: Guru of 3D Three Score And 4 Cores, Ergo The Threadripper 3990X

My God, It’s Full Of Threads!

At $3990US the price of AMD’s Threadripper 3990X matches the model number and is the most expensive HEDT AMD has released.  It also has the highest core count of any HEDT on the market, 64 cores and 128 threads sound more like a GPU than a CPU and for those who use multithreaded programs, it will offer some impressive results.  The 8×8 chiplet design also demonstrates impressive single threaded performance but it really shines when you look at the multithreaded results where tops the charts, and not by just a few percentage points.

One question that those who intend to install this on a mixed usage machine will be interested in the final pages of the Guru of 3D’s review where they take a look at gaming performance.  As it turns out, those who work during the day and game at night are in for a pleasant surprise as the 3990X offers decent to impressive performance depending on which games you toss at it.

For those wanting an indepth look at productivity performance on Windows and Linux, you can click through below for even more performance details.

Today is February, the second month on the 7th, in line with the ZEN2 and 7nm based technology we review today. Yes, it is time to unleash the beast as last week the 64-core and 128-threads based Ryzen Threadipper 3990X arrived on our premises.

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  1. hoxlund

    man my threadripper 1950x is showing its age 🙁

  2. BigTed

    Do want. Certainly don’t need.


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