Zalman’s CNPS20X and CNPS17X, ‘The World’s Best CPU Cooler’?

Source: Kitguru Zalman’s CNPS20X and CNPS17X, ‘The World’s Best CPU Cooler’?

A 4D Stereoscopic Corrugated Cooler

Zalman has released two new coolers with some interestingly named features, which Kitguru tests to see if they are simply fancy names or if they actually improve cooling performance.   The Zalman CNPS20X is rated at 300W and uses a dual tower design with two 140mm RGB fans while the Zalman CNPS17X is a half sized brother with a single tower and 140mm RGB fan, which still manages a 200W rating.

Their tests were run on a 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X and surprisingly the CNPS20X surpasses the Noctua NH-D15 by a noticeable margin and even the 240mm AIO by a somewhat lesser amount.  Perhaps more impressive is the fact that the smaller CNPS17X was also able to handle the same chip, though not with the same degree of effectiveness.  They did have some suggestions for improving the mounting mechanism, which you can see in the full review.

Zalman uses some interesting technologies in its new CPU coolers including aluminium fins that are ‘4D Stereoscopic Corrugated’ and cooling fans with Dual Blade Impellers. And would you look at the packaging of the Zalman CNPS20X where we see the claim ‘The World’s Best CPU Cooler.’ Wow, that’s bold.

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