Basemark Review; Benchmarking A Benchmark

Source: Guru of 3D Basemark Review; Benchmarking A Benchmark

Basemark GPU v1.2 And You

Over at Guru of 3D is a look at how well the new Basemark GPU benchmark utility is working 21 different GPUs from both AMD and NVIDIA.  The idea that the ex-Futuremark employees had when developing this new benchmark was to provide a tool which can run on Windows, Android, IOS, and Linux so that you are able to compare the performance of various disparate hardware.  If you want to know if your new iPhone can perform as well as that Huaweii you have your eyes on then this might just help you do so. 

Drop by for a look at how the contestants stack up in a variety of APIs and test configurations, you can also grab basemark GPU v1.2 for yourself for the low, low price of absolutely nothing.

There is an updated benchmark in town, fabricated by ex-Futuremark employees Basemark GPU has been released in an aim to measure GPU on many platforms, Windows, Android, IOS, Linux and so on. In this article however we'll focus a bit more on API testing inbetween OpenGL, Vulkan and DirectX12.

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  1. Scott Lee Coburn

    I gave it a try, it’s OK. Doesn’t detect my ASUS Strix RTX 2060 Super right. Reports it only has 4095 instead of 8192GB or VRAM. Scores seem inline with what it should be compared to other 2060 Supers.


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