A Halo Of LEDs; Cooler Master’s MasterFan MF120

Source: TechPowerUp A Halo Of LEDs; Cooler Master’s MasterFan MF120

Two Dozen RGBs Per Fan!

Does your system lack enough flair to impress?  Is a mere handful of LEDs per fan holding you back?  Cooler Master is here to help with their newest fans that sport 24 addressable RGBs looped around every Master Fan MF120 Halo!  They are compatible with the vast majority of motherboard based lighting controls but even if you find your machine unable to talk to the fans CM includes a basic fan controller in the three pack to ensure you are covered.

TechPowerUp tested it out on a radiator to see how well the fans could move air, with the knowledge that the rounded design of the MF series does not tend to be as effective as a standard square design.  Their experience with the design proved true as they were towards the bottom of the chart in many cases and were outperformed by the Master Fan Pro, not to mention many others.  These will be more effective as a case fan than on a radiator but there are better choices on the market.

The MF 120 Halo does have a secret which might change your mind about them.  Would you believe that the triple pack including the fan controller is priced at $65?   That price certainly puts a different spin on the overall value of these fans, as the competitions offerings are significantly more expensive.

These names make one wonder if Cooler Master was involved in naming them ATM Machines?

Cooler Master wants to leverage their factory and design capabilities to bring out highly addressable RGB LED fans without breaking the bank. The MasterFan MF120 Halo has 24 LEDs per fan and supports all mainstream motherboard lighting solutions while aiming to offer a hybrid balance of static pressure and airflow.

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