Dell’s XPS 13 For Penguin Lovers

Source: Ars Technica Dell’s XPS 13 For Penguin Lovers

Pick Up The 2019 Version Now Or Wait For This Year’s Model?

Dell’s 2019 XPS 13 DE ships with Ubuntu 18.04 installed and ready to go, no tweaking required but certainly not forbidden if you so desire.  Ars Technica is looking at the pros and cons of picking up a developer laptop right now, or waiting for the newest model to arrive.  The 2019 model they have investigated is powered by a Comet Lake i7-10710U, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB solid state drive and a 13″ InfinityEdge, 4K IPS touchscreen and was a decent improvement over the previous model.

The 2020 edition will sport a 10th generation Core processor and similar memory and storage but the screen will be changed to a 16:10 aspect ratio as opposed to the 16:9 of the current.  This might not sound like much but for a 13″ laptop it does add screen real estate, not to mention allowing for a larger keyboard.   Drop by for a look at their thought process as they ponder Dell’s new workstation.


Dell's XPS 13 Developer Edition, the company's flagship "just works" Ubuntu-based machine, was recently refreshed. These days Dell's XPS line is not the cheapest Linux option, nor is it the most configurable or user-upgradable. And if any of those factors are a big part of your criteria, this is likely not the laptop for you.

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  1. Alice

    Not a word about of missing 32gb option which was promised few months ago


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