Do You Want To Build An AMD System?

Source: The FPS Review Do You Want To Build An AMD System?

Wonder If Elsa Still Makes Erazor X RAM?

The FPS Review recently published an Intel system build, which you can read about below if you are looking for tips on putting together a system based around the Core i9-9900KS.  If you are more interested in a new Ryzen build however, this guide is the one you want to look at.  As you might expect they chose the Ryzen 9 3950X to start with, because of the current state of the market is it equivalent in price to the i9-9900KS, which should actually be around $130 cheaper than AMD’s flagship processor.

The choice of motherboards might be the most difficult part considering the sheer amount of choices.  Most boards offer very similar features and so one must look at a lot of reviews to pare down the best choices to a handful.  In this case, thanks to the solid performance of previous families of this board, MSI’s MEG gets the nod from The FPS Review.

As to the rest of the components?  Well, you’ll have to click through to find out.

So, today at The FPS Review, we are putting together a Mid-High End Enthusiast Gaming system as an idea of what is out there and what would make for a truly enjoyable gaming experience with time for you, the reader, to spare. This is our AMD gaming PC build guide for 2020 to help you build a PC for this spring.

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  1. collie

    There is something surreal about the tittle “DO YOU WANT TO BUILD AN AMD SYSTEM?” and Pictured it the flagship stock GPU for the other guy. I know, there isn’t anything even close in the AMD world, but it’s still weird

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      Thank you for noticing! 🙂 If you can’t see the alt text the tiles says “is this a spoiler” and the actual alt text is “ya, probably a spoiler”

  2. ghost

    if i needed a new system would def go Ryzen CPU and Nvidia GPU.
    and this is from someone with a desktop R51600 + RX480 and laptop i7+1660.


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