Era ITX, New From Fractal Design

Source: Fractal Design Era ITX, New From Fractal Design

You Wanted A New Mini-ITX Case?

The Era ITX has been designed to hold more than you might think at first glance, such as a 295mm dual slot GPU depending on which PSU you use and how you mount it.  Fractal Design have given you the choice between installing an ATX or SFX PSU, with different mounting points as well.  This lets you decide to prioritize space for your GPU or for storage, as you can fit between a single HDD or SSD or up to four SSDs depending on your choices.

Era ITX, New From Fractal Design - Cases and Cooling 2

The external look of the case is also customizable, with five different colours of aluminium to choose from and top inserts of wood or tempered glass if you so desire.  The choice of inserts may be determined by your preferred cooling solution, as you can install a single 240mm or dual 120 mm radiators at the top of the case, conversely you can install up to five fans if you prefer air cooling.  There is no 5.25″ drive, but there is a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port at the front as well as two Type-A’s and an audio jack.

To see how well it performs just take a look below for several reviews.

Taking aim at Creators, Gamers and other DIY-ers, Fractal Design today launched an innovative, small form factor chassis through close collaboration with Intel.  

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  1. BigTed

    Nice. Reminds me of an overweight Xbox 360.


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