Is Your GPU DOOMed To Disappoint?

Source: TechSpot Is Your GPU DOOMed To Disappoint?

Good News, Probably Not!

id Tech 7 is rather kind on GPUs, as long as they have at least 4GB of RAM for it to use; even an RX 5500 XT or GTX 980 Ti will give you playable frame rates on Ultra at 1080p.   If you prefer 1440p, a GTX 1070 or Vega 56 will handle Ultra but even with this engine if you are looking for 4K, you want an NVIDIA card with a model number ending in 80.  Techspot couldn’t give any idea what ray tracing would do to the performance as we don’t have a way to enable it … yet.

Drop by for a look at what you can expect from your current card if you haven’t picked up DOOM Eternal yet or see if you might be looking to upgrade if feel your experience is lacking in the game right now.

Doom Eternal is the series' latest demon-killing romp, bringing more weapon variety, a plethora of new demons to face off against, and exciting new environments to explore. Today we're taking 25 graphics cards to see how they perform in Doom Eternal using the latest optimized GPU drivers.

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  1. Collie

    Anecdotally, So it runs beautifully on my GPU, 580-8gb, at 1080*2560 low settings. Solid 60 frame, even at minimal settings it’s beautiful, looks absolutely amazing BUT there are parts where my 8370 struggles. Not often but there are certain parts of certain environments where game play slows ever so slightly, and every once in a while it stutters for a second or so, and sometimes when the screen is filled with baddies fps drops to 35 during glory kills, but both things are super rare, and in no way game breaking. Still totally TOTALLY playable, super fun, it’s absolutely beautiful (in a sick hell on earth rivers of blood death metal flaming pentagrams kinda way) and it’s super fun. I think I could get a 100% stable play if I went true 1080 but I would rather deal with the tiny hickups rahter than deal with black borders. Game play is stellar, great game.

    It reminds me more of DMC than of classic Doom in combat, quick dodge and slash, range and rush, shuffling styles and weapons, on the fly playing environment and demons against each other, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you get lazy with combat, ammo is precious, but if you use every tool at your at your disposal and exploit the nature of each baddie differently you are an unstoppable killing god. It’s glorious.

    And there is WAY more platforming than you’d ever expect. So much jumping and grabbing and falling platforms and jump bars, and so many upgrades and choices based on style.

    Pleasantly surprised.

  2. obscene snowman

    DOOM Eternal native advertising (and the regular kinds) has really kicked into high gear all across the internet. Zenimax is going all out, it seems.

    • collie man

      Perhaps, or perhaps it’s just that it’s a great game, AND is a legacy title that most of us grew up on.


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