LIAN LI Releases STRIMER PLUS RGB Extension Cables

Source: LIAN LI LIAN LI Releases STRIMER PLUS RGB Extension Cables

LIAN LI Wants To Light Up Your Power Grid

While RGB seems to divide opinion about PC build style, if you’re in the pro-RGB camp there’s no question that more options can only be better. To this end LIAN LI has released their STRIMER PLUS, which they are calling “the next generation of RGB extension cables”. Both 24-pin and 8-pin formats are available, providing ARGB lighting to both motherboard and GPU power cables.

LIAN LI Releases STRIMER PLUS RGB Extension Cables - General Tech 2

“The STRIMER PLUS brings next level brightness, light configurations, and flexibility. With a total of 120 and 108 LEDs (24-pin and 8-Pin respectively), the STRIMER PLUS presents an unprecedented level of brightness in 7 colors and 18 light modes all manageable via a controller, or synchronized with the motherboard RGB control software for a unified lighting effect. By combining speed, colors and modes, the STRIMER PLUS offers a total of 84 individual lighting effects, making it the one and only RGB product needed to enhance and personalize any PC.”

The lighting effects are customizable using either an available motherboard header or LIAN LI’s ARGB controller (which is included with the 24-pin version). Pricing is $59.99 (currently $49.99 with introductory pricing) for the 24-pin version with lighting controller, and the 8-pin version sells for $39.99.

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