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Consistent Design Is TUF

There is a big difference in the looks of a system put together out of the best available parts which fit into a budget and a system built by a modder in which every piece is chosen or modified to fit into a consistent aesthetic.  That leaves a huge middle ground for companies to design components with coordinated designs so you can choose to build a machine with consistent colours and patterns, which is exactly what the ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance has done. 

TechPowerUp takes you through a system build intended to create a look that won’t win a modding contest but is good looking enough that you would feel proud to show it off to other enthusiasts.  Not all the components are ASUS products as they have teamed up with Cooler Master, Apacer, and Teamgroup to give you choices in the components you chose.

Of course, you could also choose to use so many RGBs in your design no one can see the components in your system; or both.

ASUS offers several sub-brands, like Republic of Gamers and the TUF Gaming Alliance. The latter is a partnership with Cooler Master and other supporting brands with the purpose of guiding gamers towards a solid mainstream system through individually branded components that result in a cohesive, cool-looking final design.

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