PC Perspective Podcast #577 – AMD Financial Analyst Day, InWin ALICE Case

Join us this week as we discuss the news from AMD’s Financial Analyst Day, take a look at the latest unusual security vulnerability, review a unique case from InWin, and more!

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  1. vicky

    dangerous levels of sex appeal….. XD

  2. kyle

    I have listened to the PCPER podcast for many years now. Generally speaking it is fairly entertaining because it is quite informal. This week however, I was ready to drop the subscription.

    I am pretty sure I was screaming at Jeremy to STFU. The number of times he interrupted and just talked right over top of someone else was ridiculous. Jim was trying to make a point on one topic, repeatedly trying to speak, and Jeremy just bulldozed through every time. I have wondered for a long time why Jeremy is still on the podcast. I would say at least once per episode he talks right through his co-hosts. Often his co-hosts point out errors or misunderstandings on Jeremy’s part. His voice is also what keeps me from listening when my wife is in the car because she can’t stand it.

    Would love to support and endorse a fellow Canuck, but Jeremy just needs to be pulled from the pod.


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