PC Perspective Podcast #580 – DLSS 2.0, Shadow Rock 3

Join us this week as we check out NVIDIA’s announcement of DLSS 2.0, discuss the recent news surrounding AMD’s allegedly stolen GPU source code, review a new cooler, and more!

Note: Jim’s audio feed had some level issues that weren’t discovered until after the recording was completed. We’ve done our best to correct the issues but you may notice some distortion. Our apologies!

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  1. arakisBunch

    jim, your political comments towards the end of the last podcast are not shared by at least me

    you are obese and unhealthy and scared, but save your rhetoric for another time

    obviously you suffer from TDS and should seek medical help immediately

    i will continue to watch the podcast, but please chill out with your monopoly on virtue and righteousness until you stop making people scared in public by being disgusting

    • Jim Tanous

      What are you talking about? What comments did I make that you interpreted this way?

      Edit: I obviously can’t remember everything I’ve said verbatim, but I just watched the end of the show again and I:

      • expressed a hope that our picks of the week had given the audience some good ideas for games to play during their time at home
      • wished for our audience to stay safe and healthy
      • asked our audience to support their local businesses, if possible
      • signed off by wishing everyone the best

      So, uh, WTF? (Although, to be fair, I openly admit that I am fat and disgusting. But still…)


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