Samsung RAMs Through EUV For DDR5 Production

Source: The Register Samsung RAMs Through EUV For DDR5 Production

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Samsung is now the first company to use EUV to make DRAM, after providing one million EUV-fabbed 10nm DDR4 DRAM chips to various customers.  This will be their preferred process going forward as it reduces the number of masks required during fabrication as the first step starts at a significantly smaller scale than current methods.  You may not notice a difference in performance on new Samsung DDR4 but you should see lower voltage requirements and it will have a positive effect on the amount of stock available and might possibly bring the price down.

The real news is that this means that DDR5 and LPDDR5 are on track and Samsung will be able to produce a lot of volume quickly thanks to their mastery of EUV. The first batch is expected to be available in 2021, so expect a slew of new chipset designs shortly after which will offer compatibility with the new RAM.

A variety of companies have been working to implement EUV, for instance Intel has been at it since around 2001 but so far haven’t been able to effectively apply it to large scale consumer products.  TSMC on the other hand has been producing their N7+ 7nm chips which make use of EUV for over a year. That is why the belief that Samsung DDR5 may be happier running at lower voltages as these 7nm chips use 10% less power than chips manufactured in the traditional sense.

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Samsung is confident it has the future of DRAM in the bag after successfully producing memory using a cutting-edge EUV-based lithography process.

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