The Best RTX 2070 Super You’ve Seen

Source: TechPowerUp The Best RTX 2070 Super You’ve Seen

Another For Galax’s Hall Of Fame

Galax have released numerous HOF versions of GPUs, with this RTX 2070 Super being the most recent. While the core clock remains at a stock frequency of 1605MHz the Boost Clock jumps up to 1905MHz and the memory to 1938 MHz which is well over a 2070 Super’s normal clocks; indeed it is more or less what an RTX 2080 Super runs at.  That proved to be accurate in TechPowerUp’s testing as it matched the higher priced card across the board in their benchmarks, albeit at a slightly higher sound pressure.

It also ships with an external LCD display to let you easily monitor what the card is doing at any point and time, something which may attract certain users.  Check out the full review right here.

The Galax RTX 2070 Super HOF 10 Year comes with a large overclock on both GPU and memory, it's actually the fastest RTX 2070 we ever tested, almost matching RTX 2080. Thanks to a large power limit increase and 16 Gbps memory chips from Samsung, manual overclocking works great, too.

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  1. Aashish

    Don’t just write stuff, show your performance numbers if you’re saying it’s close to etc 2080

    • Dodad

      If you click the source link, you’ll get the numbers you seek. Don’t just comment, read the article.


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