Your Social Isolation Is Our Opportunity To Game!

Source: Slashdot Your Social Isolation Is Our Opportunity To Game!

Your Choice Of Free, On Sale Or Full Price

If you are not going to take the opportunity to chew through your Steam collection of shame and finally play some of those games you bought ages ago there are a number of ways to get your hands on new games, and not just pre-ordering DOOM for tomorrow at full price.  Over at Steam you can check out their Spring Game Festival and pick up a 40 indie game demos for free, giving the designers an opportunity to show off what they have created, as they did not get the chance at GDC this year.

Over at is a selection of newly uploaded games, some of which could keep your kids attention for at least a minute or two to give you a brief respite.  You should of course do your due diligence and play through them first … for the children of course!   You can also find a new selection of free games at the Epic store, including Watchdogs and The Stanley Parable along with a variety of sales.

Not to be left out, Humble has updated their on going sale but if you are looking for serious deals then Good Old Games is a great place to visit as they have a wide variety of discounted choices until the 30th.

Plenty of reasons to stay safe and entertained at home during this time; which you should be doing if you have any choice in the matter.

The Steam Game Festival will run from March 18th to March 23rd. The collection features games from a number of the more well-known indie demo day events, many of which participate every year at GDC. That includes Indie MegaBooth and The Mix, as well as smaller events like Day of the Devs and Wings Fund.

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  1. collie man

    Seems like a good time to set up a v-lan, but the forums are gone.

    Guess I’m DOOMed, posibly ETERNALy

    (it’s d/ling now yo!)

    • Jim Tanous

      If you are unopposed to using Discord, we have a #FraggingFrogs channel ready to go! PCPer Discord invite:


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