800Gbps! So Fast The 25 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium’s Name Is Obsolete

Source: The Register 800Gbps!  So Fast The 25 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium’s Name Is Obsolete

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The 25 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium haven’t been resting on their laurels after rolling out 25, 50 and 100Gbps Ethernet, today the announced an 800Gpbs specification.   With this announcement their old name sounds a bit like a dial-up provider so they have rebranded themselves as the Ethernet Technology Consortium.   If you hadn’t heard of them before, they are sponsored by such names as Broadcom, Cisco, Google, and Microsoft and several dozen other large businesses who are very interested in maintaining proper standards.

There is no hardware to buy yet, but The Register describes how a NIC would be designed to meet these specifications.  The connection will run over eight 106 Gb/s lanes, either natively or on a device with a single MAC address scaled up to 800 Gb/s with two 400Gb/s PCS.

Drop by for a closer look at this original draft of the new specification.

The Consortium on Monday announced the change and explained that it was founded to develop 25, 50 and 100Gbps Ethernet, but as it has knocked those off and now has an 800Gpbs spec to share the name doesn’t fit well any more.

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  1. willmore

    Really looking forward to >1Gb/s ethernet coming to PCs. ;(

    • BigTed

      Yeah, prices really need to drop. I got an X570 mobo with onboard 10gbe, but haven’t got round to upgrading the NAS end yet. It will be nice to edit video directly from the NAS.

      • willmore

        Yeah, that’s the jump that 10G will make for home use–useable remote storage. For now you can have a ‘NAS’ with one or two high speed ports, but that’s not like having everyone on the network able to use it.

        100->1G was a similar jump, but we’ve gotten used to such larger datasets these days.

        I wonder if it’s worthwile for someone to come up with a consumer focused networking technology without all the commercial baggage the current ethernet standards have. 10G as it is made sense for data centers, but does it make sense for home use? Do I really need 100m runs? Seems a high cost to pay when my longest run at home is maybe 20m. Cables could be made to fixed lengths, etc.

        The tradition of hand-me-down networking standards may no longer make sense.

        • BigTed

          I think that’s what they’re trying to do with 2.5gbe and 5gbe stuff – at least from a cost perspective.

          Seems really half-arsed to me though. With an SSD cache in my NAS I should be able to saturate 10gbe whilst video editing – 5gbe would be unusable.

          • willmore

            Agreed. I appreciate the effort of 2.5 and 5, but we really want 20 and 50. 🙂


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