ASUS ROG Chakram; Hybrid Gaming Controller

Source: Kitguru ASUS ROG Chakram; Hybrid Gaming Controller

This Mouse Invites You To Toggle It’s Joy Button

The ASUS ROG Chakram is an interesting mix of mouse and controller, as on the right side of the mouse you will find a game controller style analog joystick.  Unlike a game controller, the Chakram is customizable, with replaceable Omron switches and three different sizes of joystick button so you can make it fit your hands instead of clawing uncomfortably to be able to use it effectively.

Kitguru was impressed with the mouse; the joystick was perfectly responsive and accurate and the semi-transparent shell of the mouse displayed the RGBs embedded in the body proudly.  The fact that ASUS made the mouse without screws to make it much easier to pop open to swap switches or joystick tops.

We do not recommend throwing the ROG Chakram at your enemies as it will neither return to you nor disarm your target like this one would.

ASUS ROG Chakram; Hybrid Gaming Controller - General Tech 2
Are you a PC gamer that struggles between choosing a mouse and keyboard, or a controller? Then ASUS has certainly got something for you with its new ROG Chakram mouse! This gaming rodent demands attention with aggressive sci-fi looks, an ergonomic design – and to top it off, it has a customisable joystick! Is it worth the £149.99 asking price?

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