ASUS’s DUAL RTX 2070 MINI OC; Size Is Not Everything

Source: The FPS Review ASUS’s DUAL RTX 2070 MINI OC; Size Is Not Everything

All The Power Of An Overclocked RTX 2070, Writ Small

While designing GPUs is not easy, it is not as much of a challenge as shrinking a graphics card to fit into SFF systems without compromising performance.  ASUS took up that challenge with their new DUAL RTX 2070, and not content just to shrink a stock RTX 2070 they also gave it a factory overclock.  The GPU Boost clock its 1650MHz, or 1680MHz using the quick overclock option in ASUS GPU Tweak II, which sits between the frequency of a stock card and a Founders Edition.

With some effort, The FPS Review were able to get a stable overclock of 1780MHz on the GPU and were also able to boost the 8GB of VRAM to 16GHz from the 14GHz default.  If you forgo overclocking the memory you can reach a boost of 2050MHz on the GPU with fans running at 100%, not exactly the best scenario for running a GPU in a SFF build.

The cooling on the card was more than up to the task of cooling the final overclock and the card was able to maintain around 1858MHz when gaming, more than enough juice to run just about anything you would like at 1440p with all visual enhancements enabled.   For their next trick, The FPS Review would love to see someone create an RTX 2070 SUPER in this form factor.  You can see the full performance results here.

Today we have a unique, custom video card from ASUS. This video card packs the power of a full GeForce RTX 2070 GPU with a factory overclock, into a package that is less than eight inches. This is the smallest, fastest video card in this size with this much performance for small form factor builds, including Intel NUC 9 and other small builds.

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  1. arakisBunch

    hoping for a 5700xt nano, but doubt it will happen, at least anytime soon

  2. Letard

    I was hoping it was a dual chips gpu lol


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