Close Up With The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Source: Ars Technica Close Up With The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Please Pay Your $1000 Entry Level Fee

Ars Technica takes a look at the new Galaxy S20 Ultra, perhaps a closer look than Samsung had hoped when launching their new flagship phone but what they’ve learned you can benefit from.  One of the biggest advertised features of the new S20 family is a 120Hz 3200×1440 display, which in the fine print is revealed to be an exclusive choice and you can have a 60Hz high resolution screen or a 120Hz 2400×1080 screen.  The pixel density is still high enough to provide a good visual experience but it is not as lovely as the higher resolution.

The Nokia like camera bump on the back houses 3-4 cameras depending on the model, but unfortunately the 100x space zoom label on the Ultra may not mean what you immediately think..  The base model has a 12MP main and 12MP wide angle camera with a 64MP telephoto camera with a 1.06x optical zoom, the S20+ uses the same cameras as the base model but also adds a 0.3MP depth sensor.  The S20 Ultra has an impressive 108MP main camera which should capture some impressive images, keeps the 12 MP wide angle and 0.3MP depth cameras however the space zoom is a 48MP telephoto camera, albeit with an impressive 4x optical zoom.

Close Up With The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - General Tech 2

The base S20 supports sub-6 GHz 5G connectivity while the S20+ and Ultra add mmWav support as well, for those that can find a signal.  Read on for the full story including the performance of the Snapdragon 865.

The Galaxy S line is bigger than ever this year, and each model comes with Samsung's biggest-ever price tags. The phones now start (start!) at $1,000, while the bigger Galaxy S20+ is $1,200, and the even bigger S20 Ultra is an astonishing $1,400.

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