FSP T-WINGS CMT710; An Open Cockpit Case

Source: TechPowerUp FSP T-WINGS CMT710; An Open Cockpit Case

An Open Air Case With A Split Personality

FSP’s T-WINGS CMT710 is different take on an open air case; while still very much open to the air it does have some protective guards, and wings, to keep your components safe from an accidental brush against your system.  It can also house two separate systems inside, one side can hold anything up to and including an E-ATX motherboard while the second system is limited to an ITX motherboard. 

The dual nature of the T-WINGS does mean it is a fair size, 634 x 455 x 530mm (25 x 18 x 21″) and weighs in at 11.82kg (26lb) empty.  The cooling performance is exceptional, as you might expect, with the only exception being the GPU on the ITX side which ran warmer than the larger half but was still better than much of the competition.  TechPowerUp think that they could not only improve that with a bit of tweaking but they might be able to get an ATX board into each side.

They did find the RGBs to be a bit dim, which somewhat disappointed them on this ~$500 enclosure.

With the T-WINGS CMT710, FSP is throwing in their entry into the unique, rule-bending and irresponsibly responsible open-air case market. Underneath its wings, the T-WINGS CMT710 can hold two full systems as it is also one of the few dual-system enclosures out there.

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  1. collie man

    I just keep thinking about the person who can handle an open air case with high end internals. How clean would that home have to be, no pets, no smoke, what kind of a person would be able to live like that. Not someone I’d want to be friends with. HOWEVER many of the friends I do have are stupid, I could see any of them buying this cuz it looks cool then killing every internal with greasy smokey air and cat fur.

    ……….Day 42…………… I’m bored

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      It is truly inconceivable for folks such as ourselves, isn’t it? Like living in a bloody hospital or something.

      • collie man

        Back in the day I usta burn through power suplies like they were matches, just from cooking and smoking in a small apartment with a cat. Luckily tho cases have changed immensely since those beige metal echo chambers, and between filters and the fact that you can actualy find high quality psu’s easily instead of the classic “Yea, we got power supplies, just let me yank one out of one of the new towers for you,” those days are long in the past.

        Still, open case. how loud must that be.

        • Jeremy Hellstrom

          Good old Sparkle and those other PSUs that came included with cases.

          That thing is apparently relatively middle of the pack for noise, even with two systems installed.

          • Julie O'Neill

            Yea, Sparkle, and FSP, sooooo many from FSP with that random stalling fan that, after a year or so, you needed to check every few hours to re-spin with a tooth pick or risk an overheat. Long gone are the days.


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