HP Joins The SSD Crowd With Their EX950 1TB NVMe Drive

Source: Guru of 3D HP Joins The SSD Crowd With Their EX950 1TB NVMe Drive

HP EX950 NVMe In 512GB, 1TB and 2TB

HP have jumped into the consumer SSD market with a series of three drives, using Silicon Motion’s SM2262EN with Micron 64-layer 3D TLC and there is a RAM cache to help with sustained transfers.  The 1TB model reviewed at Guru of 3D is rated for 3,500 MB/s sequential write and 2,250 MB/s sequential read, which CrystalDiskMark agrees is accurate.

The current prices are $89 for the 512 GB model, $145 for 1TB and $279 for 2TB which falls somewhat outside of $0.10/GB.  HP offers a five year warranty on the drives, which are rated at 320 TBW for the 512GB model, 650 TBW for 1TB and 1400 TBW for the 2TB model.  Overall they make a decent choice if you can find them at or below those MSRPs.

HP has released an super-fast new M.2. SSD, the new EX950 series, the rather properly volume sized 1024 GB (1 TB) model which we will review is fast and furious with a rated sequential read and write speeds up to 3200MB/s. HP is entering the high-end and enthusiast class with their new SSDs.

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  1. willmore

    I picked up one of the 1TB versions of this drive a couple of months back as a Steam game drive. No problems with it at all. Yes, it’s quite fast. I have an EX920 256GB as my boot/system drive. It also performs pretty good.

  2. Klyith

    Reviews for these HP ssds should mention that they’re not really being made by HP, but another company licensing their name.

    This is important because the instructions in the box tell you a website / phone number to go to for warranty service. If you lose that paper and later try to call the *actual* HP they’ll say “what’s that, never heard of it.”


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