Lian Li Strimer Plus; Strips Of PSU And GPU RGB

Source: TechPowerUp Lian Li Strimer Plus; Strips Of PSU And GPU RGB

New Improved RGB Extension Cables

Lian Li have updated the one and only way to RGB your power cables by adding in 8-pin PCIe power cables to the existing 24-pin ATX power connectors.  In addition, the controller now offers more control as well; there are two effects to toggle through with separate switches to control speed and brightness.  TechPowerUp gives Lian Li kudos for making it very obvious which ends plug into your existing cables to ensure you cannot hurt anything.

Currently the MSRP for these are $59.99 MSRP for the 24-pin, the 8-pin unit sells separately for $39.99.  Perhaps the only design improvement that could be made to improve the life of the RGB addicted is to enable external access to the controller.  As it is currently designed, you can’t attach it to the outside of the case to tweak your lighting on the fly.

The Lian Li Strimer Plus takes the original principle of lighting up your otherwise boring ATX cables with RGB colors. Instead of using the fiber optics principle of lighting each strand at its end, the Strimer Plus employs rows of LEDs for brighter, cooler animations for both the 24-pin and 8-pin cables.

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    Lian Li, get back to making gorgeous understated monolithic slabs of AL plz.


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