Phanteks Enthoo 719, A Luxe-urious Case

Source: Guru of 3D Phanteks Enthoo 719, A Luxe-urious Case

This Enthoo Is Perfect For Modders, Dual Systems And Custom Liquid Cooling

If you like big cases, whether for the ease of working in them, the ability to fit in two complete systems in one case or because it lets you mod them into whatever you can envision then the successor to the Luxe is one to remember.  The case measures 240 x 570 x 595 mm (9.45 x 22.6 x 23.6″) and can house a SSI-EEB or E-ATX motherboard, a 195mm heastink and GPUs up to 503mm; which can be mounted vertically if you like.  For cooling you can fit a mix which includes to eight 140mm or 15 x 120mm fans or opt for a pair of either 480mm or 360mm radiators, which provides for quiet and effective cooling. as Guru 3D’s testing shows.

Aesthetically, it sports a large tempered glass side window to show off your components as well as a tempered glass window on the back side as well if you have some SSDs you want to show off.  The RGB srtips in the case can be controlled manually with the interface on the front panel, or you can let your motherboard control them if you prefer a synchronized light show.  The case sports an MSRP of $189 US and it is worth noting that it ships without fans.  That is good for those that have specific fans in mind to use, but it does mean you will be investing more money into your build in order to cool your components.

Take a look at The Guru of 3D thought about it, after working with it for a few months.

Although half a year has passed since then, there’s a good reason for this delayed review. We’re going to use this chassis for some interesting stuff later, but not without presenting the product to Guru3D readers first (at least those of you who didn’t have a chance to read about it elsewhere).

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