It’s Resident Evil 3! The Game, Not Real Life

Source: The FPS Review It’s Resident Evil 3!  The Game, Not Real Life

An Evil Reboot At An Interesting Time

If you are looking to take revenge on a biological entity which is turning your neighbourhood into a ghost town, and at the same time being responsible and practising physical distancing, then Capcom has a solution for you.  A remastered version of Resident Evil 3 is landing on a variety of gaming platforms, including a PC near you if you pick it up.  The FPS Review have posted a look at the performance of a variety of AMD and NVIDIA cards so you can determine if you need to risk having a new GPU delivered to your house.

They start out with a deep delve into the graphics settings, which are refreshingly comprehensive for a multi-platform launch and included AMD’s FidelityFX CAS + Upscaling, available to all cards and not just AMD’s.  You can take a look at the pictures they provide to get a better idea what that setting does to image quality. 

The good news is that you probably won’t need an upgrade, at 1080p a GTX 1650 Super or RX 5500XT will give you more than acceptable performance with every graphical bell and whistle enabled.  Their testing also reveals those with high end GPUs can expect decent performance even at 4K without sacrificing any features.  Take a deeper look by following that link.

Thanks to AMD and Capcom we have the opportunity to evaluate performance in the full game prior to release so that you will know what to expect upon release. Our performance review today focuses on video card performance in the full game.

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  1. obscenesnowman

    Contains Denuvo Anti-tamper (PC/Steam). Just say NO to DENUVO.

    Also, I’m wishing the crackers out there the best of luck in compressing Capcom’s “launch window” as much as possible, but a reminder to all the Blackbeards out there, don’t trust any pirated software. Run it on a non-Internet connected and non-critical system, and restore the OS from a safe image after you’re done playing. And always buy games from companies that don’t use things like Denuvo.


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