Suffering From Mechanical Keyboard Keycap Envy?

Source: Hackaday Suffering From Mechanical Keyboard Keycap Envy?

The New Key Component For The Discerning Typist

Keyboards have evolved quite a bit from the first incorporation of mechanical switches into the consumer market; the days when Cherry MX was the only name in switches has passed and there is a large ecosystem of different choices for those looking for something that clicks for them.   This type of growth have given the keyboard enthusiast a chance to consider other components in their keyboard which could be improved and if you have read a keyboard review recently it will be no surprise that the new focus is on the keycaps themselves.

One of the focuses is the material which the keycaps are made of, as the educated finger does not want to sully itself by touching inexpensive keycaps.  While there are numerous articles covering the materials you can choose to purchase to upgrade your keycaps, Hackaday took a look at a different way to improve your input devices.  They have posted a look at artisan keycaps and even a glimpse at switch testers, that let you try out various switches on your own, without needing to pay full price for a keyboard you may or may not like.

If you are looking for sources of information on making your own keycaps, or where to purchase ones that are ready to go this article has a wealth of leads for you to investigate, such as the the r/mk Discord channel which is full of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.  Take a look at the various designs they highlight, from Companion Cubes to ice cubes and Xenomorphs through to grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Something is likely to appeal.

Look at your keyboard. Do the keycaps excite you? That’s what we thought. You pound on that thing day in and day out. Shouldn’t it at least be attractive? Or even happiness-inducing? You don’t necessarily have to replace every single keycap to spark joy. When it comes to artisan keycaps, the point is to have something that stands out.

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