The New Aluminium Standard; Thermaltake Level 20 RGB

Source: TechPowerUp The New Aluminium Standard; Thermaltake Level 20 RGB

With Razer Or Cherry Switches; Your Choice

The Level 20 GT keyboard has a new sibling, one that is fully RGB’d while still maintaining the design of the original.  The 2mm thick aluminium frame, dedicated media keys and volume scroll wheel remain, but added is 16.8 M RGB backlighting including a light strip between the main alphanumeric keys and function keys. 

You can choose between Cherry MX Speed RGB, Cherry MX Blue RGB, or Razer Green RGB switches, though mind you your choice can have a effect on the price, they range from $129.99–$149.99 MSRP.  TechPowerUp loved the physical design of the keyboard itself, though they would have preferred higher end keycaps.  The software was also impressively comprehensive, offering a number of configurations, options and tweaks; unfortunately it seems that not quite all of them are fully functional at launch.

Check out the full review for more information.

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