2020’s Best Computer Cases, So Far

Source: TechSpot 2020’s Best Computer Cases, So Far

Spring Round Up To Help You Weed Out A New Case

TechSpot have gathered together the best of the cases they have seen released in 2020 and ranked them to help you when navigating through the huge enclosure market.  They have picked a winner in each of five categories, including Best Overall, Best for Enthusiasts, Best Mini-ITX, Best Micro-ATX, and Best Under $100 with a couple of alternatives to consider in each category as well.

The swap-able front panels of the Phanteks P600S Eclipse helped it take the summit of performance in their eyes, letting you chose better cooling performance or more silent operation but for Enthusiasts it is the impressive cooling system compatibility of the Cooler Master Cosmos C700M which takes the prize.

If you are thinking small then Lian Li’s TU150 Mini ITX is the way to go, with a handle incorporated into the case and the ability for this Mini ITX case to still support girthy GPUs and heatsinks.  If you crave an Micro ATX case instead then spend some time checking out the NZXT H400i that has both good looks and effective cooling.

There are also those that lack the desire for a fancy case, and instead want something that is effective and inexpensive.  Lian Li disagrees that you can’t have a fancy case for under $100 and proved it with the RGB enhanced LanCool II.  TechSpot also suggested a few in this class that are a little less ostentatious if part of the reason you are looking at this category is to save your eyes from bright lights.

If these cases can’t satisfy your hunger for RGBs, check out OCC’s round up below.

There's no point spending lots of money on PC hardware if you don't have a great case to put it in. But with so many options out there, how do you know what's best for you? There are plenty of factors to examine: looks, size, cost, features, thermals, etc.

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