GPUOpen is a portal for developer-centric news posts from AMD. The site highlights the latest tool and SDK releases as well as a handful of tutorials. Alongside this site update, a handful of new, open-source releases were added to their AMD FidelityFX suite. Each of the following are available under the MIT license alongside the existing releases (such as Contrast Adaptive Sharpening and TressFX).

Each of these systems can be used in real-time applications for various effects, although some of them can also be useful in developer tooling. For example, Single Pass Downsampler can be used to crunch textures and related assets just as easily as it could be used in a game engine’s post-processing stack.

One interesting point is that Single Pass Downsampler is, as the name suggests, single pass, but it also does not require certain synchronization points. The benefit is that this allows the algorithm to be better scheduled by asynchronous compute.

The site has been around since January 2016, but they recently updated the interface with a clean, bright layout that is categorized by the type of information that you are looking for. If you are looking for a specific tutorial, then you do not want to hunt through all the news posts. The new site should be significantly more usable with this change.

If you are a developer, then check out the new content releases.