An Hour Long PlayStation 5 Live Stream Is Coming Soon

Source: Ars Technica An Hour Long PlayStation 5 Live Stream Is Coming Soon

Strangely Not On April 5th At 5PM

****Sony have cancelled this event for the time being****

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X games event went off like a charm, revealing unexpected new games along with a brief look at some unexpected new games and a tease of the new Assassin’s Creed game.   Sony announced today that their big reveal will take place on June 4th at 4PM Eastern and should last a bit more than an hour, according to what Ars Technica were told.  So far we have seen a leak from Next Level Racing in a quickly retracted PR release which teased Gran Tourismo 7 but not many other hints as to what might be released apart from Sony showing off how much better their last Spiderman game worked on an SSD compared to the drive in the PS4.

Sony has been very cagey about the existence of exclusive titles for the PS5, so we really have no idea what they might be releasing along with the new hardware.  Thankfully they have given us a video providing information on the hardware and a look at the controller, and touted that they are working with a large number of game devs so there will be some things to show off next Thursday.  One can hope for information on pricing, but as it stands that is unlikely to be revealed.


Sony's painfully slow drip of PlayStation 5 information may finally open wide next week. The game publisher has scheduled a livestreaming event for Thursday, June 4 that will give fans their first peek at PlayStation 5's upcoming game library.

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        Yea. not exactly the perfect time to sell us a new console.


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