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Source: The FPS Review Build A Budget Intel Gaming PC

Aiming For A New System Well Under $1000?

You could certainly argue that with the official arrival of Comet Lake S and the Z490 this is not the best time to build a new Intel based system, but there are many who prioritize cost over having the newest of the new.  The FPS Review has been posting a variety of possible new spring computer builds, both AMD and Intel based, at different price levels and their newest is a Budget Intel Build.

It is not easy to keep a gaming machine under $500 but you can come very close if you choose a chip with acceptable graphics performance baked in and you can stay under $700 with a discrete GPU.  You don’t make too many sacrifices to general performance with the builds chosen, for instance both contain a 500GB WD Blue NVMe drive.  You do take a bit of a performance hit as it uses only two PCIe lanes and does not have any onboard cache but it is TLC flash, not QLC.

You will also find 16GB of DDR4-3200 in both builds, though the ~$700 system gets a better kit than the ~$500 build and both are housed in the Fractal Design Focus G enclosure.  In real usage you should expect a minimum of stable 30fps performance at under $600 or a more enjoyable solid 60FPS at 1080p for under $800.  You should pop over to take a look if you are looking for an inexpensive system for yourself or someone you know.

So, today at The FPS Review, we are putting together an Intel budget gaming PC buying guide as an idea of what is out there and what would make for a truly enjoyable gaming experience with time for you, the reader, to spare. So sit back, relax, and take in our Intel Budget Gaming PC Build Guide for Spring 2020 to help you build a PC this spring.

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  1. willmore

    You can, but you really shouldn’t.

  2. Bobbert

    Why would anyone in the right mind choose to purchase a budget Intel pc now lmfao. Maybe 3-4 years ago that would’ve made a little sense… But now?

  3. Allan

    Why not?

    • willmore

      Because the built in graphics on the chips in this price range suck for gaming. You’re better off with an AMD processor and a low end GPU.


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