Another game is having a 100%-off promotion at the Epic Games Store. This time, Civilization VI can be added to your account for free, forever, but only if you claim it before 11 AM EDT on Thursday, May 28th. At the point it will be replaced with another free game. Previously, this game was selling for $79.99 CDN, which I assume corresponds to $60 USD although the Epic Games Store is being particularly annoying about hiding the US store page from outside the United States.

I should note that this does not include the Platinum Edition Upgrade, but that bundle of six DLC and two expansion packs is currently 50%-off at $53.49 CDN (was $106.99 CDN). I assume these correspond to $40 USD (was $80 USD).

As always, the only thing that matters in a free game promotion is that you add the game to your account. You do not need to actually install it until you are ready to play it. It will wait for you.