It seems like Epic likes counting to five lately. Today’s homage to the number is, for a limited time, free Grand Theft Auto V on the Epic Games Store. While there has been several of these free game promotions in the past, so you should already know how they work, it is basically a 100%-off sale. You do not even need to install it right away. You just need to “buy” it for $0.00, which adds it to your account. The actual install can be done months or years from now.

Grab the game while the promotion lasts, and it is yours to keep.

This free game is apparently hammering the servers at Epic Games. Most parts of the Epic Games Launcher are in various stages on not-quite-loading. It reminds me of the time that Valve did a similar 100%-off sale for Left 4 Dead 2 a few Christmases ago. Steam was in various stages of death for hours on end.

If you are interested, even in the slightest, then pick it up before they put a price tag back on it.