Here’s Your Ryzen 3 Round Up

Source: The FPS Review Here’s Your Ryzen 3 Round Up

Ryzen 3 3100 And Ryzen 3300X

It has been a few days since we released our look at the two new Ryzen 3 processors, and so now that you have had some time to reflect why not take a look at some different takes on the new processors.  You have quite a bit of choice, as you can see from the list of reviews below but why not start over at The FPS Review who reviewed the Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300 separately.  The FPS Review had a slightly different stable of silicon than Sebastian, they compared the two new Ryzen processors to Intel’s i5-9400 and i3-9100F.

The comparisons match closely in price, a Ryzen 3 3100 should run you $99 while the i3-9100F will cost you between $75-$80 while the 3300X should be $120 and the i5-9400 can be had for $169, though the i5-9400F is closer in price to the 3300 X with careful shopping.  As they are not focusing on iGPU performance there is no negatives to the non-F version of the i5-9400 filling in during benchmarks.

The lack of multiple threads on the Intel chips adds an interesting twist to the testing, as there are some situations in which that might offer improved performance, though the days of single cores or a single thread per core may be on their way out if you go by this testing.  Indeed in all but a small minority of testing the Ryzen 3 3100 proved better than either Intel offering. 

To that end, we are going to compare the AMD Ryzen 3 3100 to an Intel Core i3-9100F CPU. The Intel Core i3-9100F is a 4 core/4 thread CPU and does not support HyperThreading. It operates at a base frequency of 3.6GHz and a max turbo frequency of 4.2GHz.

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  1. Trey

    i6-9400F ? Typo? Or are even numbers i’s a thing now?

    • Webmaster

      Indeed. No “evens” needed here.


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