Intel Acquires Rivet Networks, Makers of Killer Networking Products

Source: Intel Intel Acquires Rivet Networks, Makers of Killer Networking Products

From Bigfoot to Rivet to… Intel?

Rivet Networks, the company known for the Killer brand of networking products, has been acquired by Intel. The news comes as perhaps less of a surprise when considering that two companies have previously collaborated on wireless products, with the Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 a joint effort just over a year ago.

From Intel’s press release:

Rivet Networks is a terrific complement to our existing Wi-Fi products and helps us further our vision of delivering PC platforms that power every person’s greatest contribution. Rivet Networks’ products deliver speed, intelligence and control for gamers and performance users. Its products maximize Wi-Fi bandwidth utilization and optimize the wireless network connection on your platform. In addition, Rivet Networks’ products can also utilize the combination of Ethernet and Wi-Fi to prioritize traffic over both connections.

Its team will join our Wireless Solutions Group within the Client Computing Group. Rivet Networks’ key products, including its Killer brand, will integrate into Intel’s broader PC Wi-Fi portfolio. With the addition of Rivet Networks’ software, we will license its software to customers and develop new solutions for broader PC connectivity enhancement. With Rivet Networks’ and Intel’s leading Wi-Fi products, we can scale our PC Wi-Fi portfolio to better serve our customers, ecosystem and channel partners.

It has been a long time since Ryan reviewed that first Killer NIC in back in 2006, and with this news we will eventually be seeing Intel products with the “Killer” brand – and whatever the next generation of that all-important ingredient in the low-latency recipe, the Killer Control Center software, might be.

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