Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC; A Decent $40 Gaming Mouse

Source: Kitguru Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC; A Decent $40 Gaming Mouse

Gaming On A Budget Thanks To Logitech

You’ve pick all the components for a budget system build, but did you consider the peripherals for your machine?  If not, then Logitech might just have the answer for you with their G203 LIGHTSYNC gaming mouse.  There are two adjustable RGB LIGHTSYNC zones, a band around the mouse as well as the logo which give you your RGB fix, with G-Hub giving you more control than you might expect on a budget priced gaming mouse.

The sensor is not quite as impressive as some other models, it will top out at 8000 DPI, though it does still retain the 1000Hz polling rate.   There are not many of us that need sensitivity above 8000 DPI, so if you happen to make use of such high DPI settings you might want to look elsewhere.   Two of the six programmable buttons are located on the left hand side of the mouse, so it is not quite ambidextrous but Kitguru does describe those buttons as being comfortable and effective and the sensor to be very accurate all along it’s slightly truncated DPI spread.

Pop by for a look at the video review if you happen to be looking for an inexpensive wired gaming mouse.

Then you may want to check out Logitech’s refreshed G203 LIGHTSYNC mouse, with an 8,000 DPI sensor and a price point that is accessible to everybody.

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  1. Ice

    The switches on the left and right click will die within a year


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