Mafia: Definitive Edition, Definitely Real

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A Bunch Of Good Fellas Made A Remaster Of A Gangster Trilogy

2K played the part of stool pigeon and spilled the beans on the Mafia: Definitive Edition before the actual planned announcement.  The re-release of the incredible first game, the second one that should not be spoken of and the relatively okay third installment (sounds familiar somehow) are now official and if you own the originals on Steam you should already see that they have been replaced with their Definitive Edition versions.

All the games will include every single DLC, character and hat which were made available at no extra charge, as is tradition with Definitive Edition releases.  The original game has had a lot of work done on it, after all it is old enough to drink in many provinces in Canada, and now supports 4K resolutions and even HDR, which should be impressive to see for anyone who did play through the first in the series, though it may not impress those seeing the game for the first time.

The second is getting better graphics and overall gameplay, but is not as changed as the first installment.  As for Mafia III, which is a mere four years old, you can expect a wide selection of hats and outfits, as well as the few DLCs which were released over time. 

Drop by Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN for a peek at the trailer.

After accidentally blowing the surprise last week, they’ve now made Mafia: Definitive Edition official. As well as remaking the 2002 wiseguy ’em up, they’ve given the less-good 2010 sequel Mafia II a less-dramatic remastering, which is due to launch today as a free update. And Mafia III is getting its DLC thrown in for free. Together, they call this Mafia: Trilogy.

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  1. collie

    Mafia 1 remasterd is 50$(cdn), pre-purchase. I’ve never played it, I’ve heard it’s a master piece, but is a 18 year old game worth 50$? I’m not being ferocious, I wana know if I should buy it.

    • Jeremy Hellstrom

      How far can you get when replaying the original Deus Ex Remaster? If the old interface and graphics turn you off by the end of the first level then a hard no.

      Good game though, but $50 is way too much, at least wait for a sale.

      • collie

        yea, that’s what I figured. $40 for halo was fine cuz it’s for 5 games and I wanted to play through the story, but about 20 min into Halo 2 I was bored as fuck. Probably didn’t help that I had finished doom eternal in the past few weeks tho


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