Montech Fighter 400, Tempered Glass Enclosure For $50

Source: TechPowerUp Montech Fighter 400, Tempered Glass Enclosure For $50

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Montech is a Taiwanese brand that you may not have found yet, they do not have much presence on the online retailers most use to source kit.  It might be something to look into, if you favour relatively simple and inexpensive enclosures over the more impressive flagship cases from larger OEMs.  The Fighter 400 offers a mix of steel, plastic, and tempered glass in a 410 x 202 x 455mm (16.1 x 8.0 x 17.9″) enclosure perfect for ATX, Micro ATX or Mini ITX builds.

The case comes with a 120mm blue LED fan installed at the back and you can increase that to three 120mm fans at the front and an additional pair of 120mm at the top, or the watercooling equivalent if you prefer.  There is a magnetic dust filter at the top as well, a nice touch at this price point.  The face of the case features an LED strip to visually confirm the system is running, unfortunately for the RGB inclined it doesn’t do any tricks and is the sole source of light on the actual case.

One place where you can see they saved a bit of cost is the I/O options at the top of the case, a single USB 3.0, a pair of USB 2.0 ports and separate headphone and microphone jacks might not be enough for some.  Visit TechPowerUp for a more detailed look inside this case.

The Montech Fighter 400 pushes the envelope in price by being a glass-equipped ATX chassis for less than $50 retail. That in itself already sounds interesting if looking for a solid budget choice, but we take a closer look to see if the details of the chassis are up to the challenge as well.

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