No Tacos Today But How About Some 5G Fruitcake?

Source: The Register No Tacos Today But How About Some 5G Fruitcake?

Does Godwin’s Law Apply To Radioactive Lizard People?

Here’s a little bit of amusement for your sedentary Cinco de Mayo, a look at the lovely blokes across the pond in England whose new hobby is burning down 5G antennae.  Over the weekend, a gaggle of goons gathered in London, sans physical distancing as COVID-19 is spread by 5G signals as opposed to the normal routes of infection viruses have limited themselves to in the past.  Indeed the 5G transmission over the ether (or phlogiston?) is so powerful as to sicken people in places where it doesn’t even exist yet, perhaps making use of temporal travel via knowledge of the time cube to spread in areas it hasn’t been implemented in … yet.

At another event, this one just outside of Scotland Yard, a group containing anti-lockdown, anti-5G and anti-vaxxers attempted to produce some sort of coherent noise demonstrated their insight into reality by having a nice group hug.  For the sake of their families one can only hope they behave differently in other situations. 

This new conspiracy has also distracted one of the more famous proponents of the theory that the Royal Family, Rothschilds and the Bush dynasty are Archons, which are shapeshifting lizards from the Alpha Draconis star system from his favourite topic.  This particular eccentric individual is now focusing their energy to reveal the 5G is the real cause of the pandemic, though it seems likely he already knows exactly who is behind this scenario.  Thankfully that reveal will not happen on Facebook nor YouTube after both platforms shut his content down.

Everyone, including those with a questionable grasp on reality should do their best to stay safe for the sake of themselves but also for the more vulnerable portions of the population who are separated from all of us by much less than six degrees; even those with a GSM phone are vulnerable.  A little lighthearted mockery along with your gentle attempts at education is good way to stay sane in these trying times.

This is one of those that should fall under the title of unlikely things to awaken Brits' patriotic spirit: a gaggle of anti-5G protestors in the UK's capital.

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  1. collie man

    Just dont tell them the frequencies of their wifi routers, They will start burning down hotspots next


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