Round Up Time, The Best Wireless Mice Going

Source: Ars Technica Round Up Time, The Best Wireless Mice Going

Like Mice Without Tails?

Over at Ars Technica you can see what mice they have chosen as the six best to purchase.  They have chosen a variety of usage scenarios to break down the winners, after all you might not be looking for a larger gaming mouse but would instead prefer a lightweight model you can carry around once travel becomes a thing again.

The overall winner is the Logitech MX Master 3 thanks to the number of interesting tricks this plus sized mouse offers.  For instance the main scroll wheel is electromagnetic, using magnets to simulate the resistance felt on traditional scroll wheels.  While it might not replicate the feeling exactly, it is almost silent, should last longer and lets it change its behaviour based on how quickly you scroll.  The reason to refer to it as the main scroll wheel is due to the presence of a second on which is within easy reach of your thumb.

On the other end of the scale is the tiny Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse, perfect to toss in your bag and be ready when you need it, without taking up much space nor adding much weight.  Take a look through the review to see more mice, including a vertical model and a variety of runners up.

So if you're interested in cutting another cord, you're in luck. We've researched the wireless mouse market and tested about a dozen models over the past few months to find the ones most worth buying in 2020.

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  1. sheady

    I’m still rocking the Logitech G602. I keep 2 around, one for my PC and one for my work laptop. The battery life is out of this world, I have to keep the Logitech low battery desktop notification turned off because there’s still weeks of life left in the mouse when it fires.

  2. RX

    The Logitech MX Master 3 looks interesting but as someone with BIG hands I wish someone would make bigger hands for my bear claws.


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