Spring Into A New AMD Budget Gaming PC

Source: The FPS Review Spring Into A New AMD Budget Gaming PC

1080p Gaming For Everyone

After wrapping up their Intel System Builds, The FPS Review has moved onto examining and building an AMD based gaming system.  As with the other builds, they aim for a price around $500-$600 for the entire system, while ensuring you end up with a system capable of handling most games at 1080p.  They also provided two separate build recommendations to give you a bit of flexibility in your purchasing decisions.

The biggest way to cut costs is to drop the discrete GPU, which you can do if you choose the Ryzen 5 3400G if the performance that APU offers is good enough to tide you over until you can afford a GPU.  If you are looking to get a complete system going from the beginning, pairing the Ryzen 5 2600 with an XFX RS XXX Edition Radeon RX 570 will get you there.   In either case, you get a good CPU cooler at no additional cost, which is a big bonus for your budget.

Thanks to the current pricing on the market, both systems are able to have 16GB of RAM installed as well as an NVMe drive, so you won’t suffer from Windows 10’s preference for large pools of RAM and a fast system drive.  Read on to see what you think of The FPS Review’s choices and see if if inspires you to start thinking about a spring system refresh.

So, today at The FPS Review, we are putting together an AMD based Budget Gaming system as an idea of what is out there and what would make for a truly enjoyable gaming experience with time for you, the reader, to spare.

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  1. collie

    Just checking, the Ryzen 5 3400G, that’s got a GPU that’s pretty much at par with the old 750ti right….. that’s not bad at all. Once upon a time gaming on the APUs SUCCCCCKKKKKKED (personal experience) without a dedicated card, but they were great for media consumption until the upgrade, The 3400g you can actualy get a playable experience, not a great one, but still.


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