A New Type Of Product From An Old Name, The Philips PH805 Bluetooth Headset

Source: Modders-Inc A New Type Of Product From An Old Name, The Philips PH805 Bluetooth Headset

A Lightbulb Moment Or A Sour Note?

If you look around the room you are currently in, chances are there is a Phillips product within view, perhaps even the light you are using to see.  You wouldn’t find any audio equipment with that brand on it, which they have decided to try to change with the release of their PH805 Bluetooth 5.0 headset with active noise cancellation and a 30 hour battery life.  Modders Inc got one to try and wrote up their impressions here.

The first concern they had was with the lack of specifications, the product website did not offer any insights so all they know about it is what is on the box.  Those specifications are in line with most of the competition, Neodymium drivers with a frequency response range of 7Hz to 40,000 Hz, an impedance of 16Ω and 90 dB sensitivity.  They are definitely designed for portability, weighing 284 g and coming with their own hard case, as well as jacks for use on an airplane.

Once they started testing usability a few design issues revealed themselves.  The touch controls could be improved as adjusting the volume by a noticeable amount requires a lot of repetitive swiping gestures.  The gesture to activate Google Assistant is to place your hand on the the right earcup for a few moments which means that you are likely to trigger it if you adjust the headset when you remove it. 

Audio quality was interesting, to say the least.  There seems to be an onboard amplifier, which means that you must power on the headset even if you are listening via a connected cable and the noise cancellation feature has some interesting and unexpected effects on the audio quality.  Check the full review for all the details.

Philips is not a name normally associated with high-end headsets. The company makes everything from light bulbs and television sets to baby bottles and soup makers, and their audio products are presented on their site the same way any other commodity might be.

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