Want A Faster Snapdragon 765G? Meet The New Snapdragon 768G

Source: The Register Want A Faster Snapdragon 765G?  Meet The New Snapdragon 768G

Upping The Frequencies On The Kryo 475 And Adreno 620

Qualcomm have updated their Snapdragon 765G for 2020, and as seems to be the current tradition it is not a new product but a refinement of the current silicon.  This is not to say a refresh is unwelcome, as the Snapdragon 768G SoC has more tricks up its sleeve that appears at first glance, as we are in a world where anything and everything needs to be updated for 5G reception.  In addition they’ve also given the ability for developers and perhaps even users to be able to update their drivers.

When you look at the specific changes the new 768G SoC now has a 2.8GHz Kryo 475 CPU, or to look at it more closely a Cortex A76 @ 2.8GHz, a Cortex-A76 @ 2.4GHz and six Cortex-A55’s @ 1.8GHz.  The Adreno 620 GPU has been overclocked to 750MHz, which Qualcomm promises will offer up to a 15% increase in performance which may eventually make 120Hz displays function without the current loss of resolution you currently have to accept.  This GPU will accept driver updates, a feature which was previously limited to a bare handful of Samsung and Pixel devices, and even them only in the most recent models.  Time to look into mobile benchmarking again!

The Snapdragon X52 5G modem is mostly unchanged but should now be wider spread than is currently, much as we hope 5G networks will be in the near future.  They have updated to the new Bluetooth 5.2 specification and devices using the 768G will be able to support up to 12GB of RAM, and you will see cameras with up to 192MP sensors as well.  Drop by The Register for more.


Gaming phones are an increasingly lucrative niche within the smartphone market, particularly in Asia, where vendors like Xiaomi's Black Shark, ZTE's Nubia, and Asus all vie for dominance. Catering to this segment is Qualcomm, which today rolled out the Snapdragon 768G platform.

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