The latest Windows 10 refresh has been published. Windows 10 May 2020 Update is now available in ISO format and by clicking Check for updates in Windows Update. Like the previous update, you should then get a bumper message with a link to click to opt-in to the new version. They also updated the Media Creation Tool to use the new build.

I should note that the update is not appearing for me personally. There could be two reasons for that. First, Microsoft is apparently limiting the number of upgrades over Windows Update. They claim that they will be “throttling up this availability over the coming weeks”. Second, they are blocking the update for people who are vulnerable to a handful of known issues. I looked through the list and do not see one that applies to me, but I could be wrong.

If Windows Update is not presenting the option to download the Windows 10 May 2020 update, then you can create an install media and use it to in-place upgrade. That said, if Windows Update is not presenting the option, then it could be (as previously mentioned) protecting you from yourself until they fix a bug.

Speaking of issues, I heard that Windows Mixed Reality was affected by this new build, and they were expecting the patch it at some point this month. I do not see that issue in the known issues pile, either, so I am guessing that they already fixed it pre-release. Just in case I am wrong, consider it still an active problem.

As for why you would want to update: mismatched monitor refresh rates. This issue bugged me so much when I was trying to create smooth animations. Depending on what I had in other monitors, dragging windows would suddenly be a pile of jank. This was most visible when a video was running on a 60 Hz monitor while I was attempting to do anything with my 144 Hz monitor. I am looking forward to seeing how Windows 10 May 2020 fairs. Thanks to ikjadoon in the comments of our previous story for pointing this out – I was unaware that Microsoft knew about this let alone were attempting to fix it.

If you want it, then check Windows Update and see if it’s time.