A High Resolution Look At Ryzen Memory Frequencies

Source: Overclockers Club A High Resolution Look At Ryzen Memory Frequencies

Scaling The Ryzen Seas

There have been more than a handful of reviews covering the effects of different memory frequencies on the performance of Ryzen processors.  As is tradition, when looking at gaming performance the reviews tend to run their tests at low resolutions to best illustrate any differences and quite a few readers would prefer a look at higher resolutions.   To resolve this lack you can visit Overclockers Club to see the performance of a variety of frequencies at resolutions which are more commonly used.

The RAM used ranges from DDR4-2933 @ 16-18-18-36 to DDR4-4400 @ 19-19-19-39 paired with an AMD 3800X running  all cores at 4.3GHz, on an ASUS X570 ROG Crosshair VIII HERO Wi-Fi.  They ran tests on latency as well as gaming at 720p to emphasize and performance deltas as well as at 1440p and 4K to demonstrate what you might actually experience on your own system.

The results show exactly why we test at low resolutions as at 4K the largest performance delta is one single frame per second, and at 1440p one game saw 10fps difference but most saw much smaller differences.   Memory frequency does have an effect on many tasks you might perform on a computer, but for one used purely for gaming this review is a good example of how fast is fast enough and how transferring some of your budget from high frequency RAM to another component will have a greater effect.

Today we are going to tackle a question that spans multiple platforms and CPU generations. The main question of this topic is about a subject that has a very divided answer among computer techies and enthusiasts alike. Does memory frequency scaling correlate to an increase in CPU performance?

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